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Providing a competitive venue for dogs of smaller stature without regard to breed or pedigree.
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The Teacup Dogs Agility Association (TDAA) offers a competitive space for dogs of smaller stature, regardless of breed or pedigree. Our mission is to foster sportsmanship between smaller dogs through agility training and competition—while uniting the trainers and judges within our sport under a standard set of rules. This initiative also includes providing title programs for smaller dogs and promoting the humane treatment of animals through proper training techniques and educational outreach.
Participation in the TDAA is limited to smaller dogs, measuring no more than 22"
There is no restriction on account of breed or pedigree
Obstacles are scaled with a preference to a size more appropriate to the smaller dogs
Jump heights will be set in a range from 2" to 16"
Today there are dogs registered in TDAA representing over 80 breeds, including All American
TDAA currently has clubs in 18 states, with dogs registered in 39 states, Mexico and Canada
Small dogs - Big Fun!
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One aspect of a TDAA trial that makes them fun and unique is the games. The games provide new challenges to the dog and their handlers that are not part of other agility trials, due to the vast array of different games we play. The trial premium will list and provide a brief overview of the games to be played at a trial. In most cases, the games to be played at the trial are included in the Agility Book of Games. At the trial, the judge will provide a comprehensive explanation of the games (Briefings), to be played at the event and will answer any questions from the handlers to ensure that everyone understands how the game is played.
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