Teacup Dogs Agility Association


One of the most fun events at a TDAA trial is the games. Many people are hesitant to sign up for games because they do not understand the rules. The TDAA trial premium will list and provide a brief overview, (but not the details) of the games to be played at a trial. At the trial, the judge will provide a more comprehensive explanation of the games (Briefings), to be played at the TDAA event.

Below are Judges Briefings from TDAA trials. Hopefully, these will be of interest to TDAA veterans, and help new TDAA members to understand the different games and how they are played. The Briefings also may aid clubs in deciding which games to play at their next TDAA trial. More games will be added in the future.

GAMES are a FUN way to play with your dog, which makes you and your dog think, and will make for a better team.